Fanne Fernow was born in Buffalo New York in 1953 and lived there most of her young life.  Later on, she moved to Massachusetts, and over 15 years she lived from one end (Provincetown) to the other (South Hadley).  She moved to Santa Cruz California to un-invent herself and pursue a life as an artist.

She has shown her work all over the United States and been published in numerous publications,  both print and digital.

Fanne Fernow

Santa Cruz, California


Encaustic Works 2012

Published in June 2012 by R&F Paints.

Conrad Wilde Gallery

Tucson AZ

quick bio


My work is about prayer and meditation.  I am not particularly religious, mind you, but I do believe that there is a holy presence in the world.  A presence that is so amazing that our tiny little human minds cannot conceptualize it.  I believe in the power of prayer, some would call it bringing our thoughts into our consciousness.  I love mantras, repetition of sounds, images, ideas that with every beat become larger and more important.  It is like prayer with a backbeat.  I love iconography from many religions and spiritual paths.  I am one who believes that each of us gets to figure out our own understanding of the holy.  In my work I do not set out to tell you that.  My goal is to show you what it all means to me and invite you to consider what it means to you.